Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lomax, C., Michon, A., Sarah Doyle, Artist Interview, Arty Magazine, Girls Issue, Feburary 2004

Words: Alex Michon and Cathy Lomax

In this years Jerwood Drawing Prize exhibition I found myself drawn to one piece. Unlike the disappointing gestural worthiness of a lot of the other this was video and it showed a stylish, white finger-nailed making marks through squiggles in what looked like a record on a turntable. The record was then spun and the process repeated. After a few minutes it was lifted to magically reveal a drawing of Prince. This is typical of Sarah Doyle’s work combining as it does obsolete children’s toys with her favourite pop personas and creating works of art that sit comfortably within the new genre of the ‘handmade and heartfelt’.