Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Michon, A., The Celebrated Crystalline World Of Sarah Doyle, The Critical Friend, No 6, Winter 2007

The Celebrated Crystalline World Of Sarah Doyle

Words: Alex Michon

Sarah Doyle has 1045 friends on MySpace. This hyperspace portal to enclaves of self publicity, these castles floating in the air, with their self proclaimed monarchs of celebrity would seem to be the perfect site for the superstar tinged, sparkling, self defining work which Doyle produces. But it is to simplistic to think her merely as a 'MySpace artist' Doyle's work, for all its outward appearance of achingly contemporary signifiers: the glittering text, the graphic aesthetic, the references to music and fashion may define this 'teenager in the bedroom' space but her work at its core has not only fundamental ideas about the nature of identity and belonging, but also asks important questions about the nature of what is permissable within the current high-faluting, lardy-da-ness of some sections of the contemporary art scene.