Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Miss Amp, Teenage Dreams So Hard To Beat, Plan B Magazine, Issue 14, September 2006

Teenage Dreams So Hard To Beat

Words: Miss Amp

Sarah Doyle's ephemeral pop art uses felt-tips, Etch-A-Sketch an the Argos catalogue to map out the tricky terrain of teen-world

Whose lips did you imagine you were kissing, back when you were 10, when you folded your hand into a fist and tried to learn how to snog? Whose poster was on your wall, their face blown up so big you could count the pores on their nose, trace the rims of their contact lenses? Sarah Doyle wants to know.
Sarah Doyle's artwork focuses on popular culture and the search for identity, particularly in teenagers. We're taking 100 felt-tip pen drawings of Michael Jackson. We're talking a life-size prince penned onto a duvet cover, and a larger-than-life Prince head on the matching pillow case, his spindly moustache slightly smudged with the artist's drool.
We're talking flickerbooks of people trying to dance like their favorite popstars. We're talking star portraits on Etch-A-Sketches; owls knitted from old cassette tape; a Scraperfoil picture of a horse that surreally blossoms into a centaur with the head of Madonna, as though the imaginary teen creator of the Scraperfoil could suppress her obsession with the queen of pop's visage no longer...